JfD and Associates

At JfD we create and sell apps, tools, and advice for young job seekers.


JfD is the brainchild of two dedicated educators. We are committed to supporting young people in their effort to prepare for, and find, meaningful employment. With trainings, toolkits and consulting services we offer a complete suite of tools for job seekers and those guiding them.

Based in the SF Bay Area, JfD is interested in partnering with workforce development organizations, schools and business. With Jack in the room, students and clients get the essence of what is required to reach their career and life ambitions.

Ideas And Musings From Our BlogIdeas And Musings

5 Ways To Tell Its Summer In Oakland
Admin | 26, June

Yes, dear friends, its another gray, foggy day in the east bay. Typical of August, we awaken to

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Eyes Wide Open
Admin | 25, June
His name is Derek. He has his Mother's eyes, intensely black with an equally dark brow. What Derek
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“Just one more hill… I think.”
Admin | 25, June
“Just one more hill…I think. “ How many times had I heard that before?! This time we were riding up
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